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The history of Celebrimbor

Not much is known of Celebrimbor. His date of birth and who his mother was, is never mentioned.

He is the son of Curufin and thus the grandson of Fëanor, being a member of the house of Fëanor. He is a full blooded Noldo, for as far as we know and I assume his mother was a Noldo.

F.A.455. Celebrimbor dwelled in Nargothrond with his father after the battle of Sudden Flame but when his father and Caranthir was trust out of the city Celebrimbor repudiated the deeds of his father and remained in Nargothrond.

F.A.495. After the battle of Tum-Halad where Nargothrond was destroyed he as many other Noldor took refugee in Gondolin. Or so this is said. Check Unfinished Tales if you want to know more.

It has a part to do with the Elessar that Idril Celebrindal gave to her son Earendil. One note says it was made by Celebrimbor and the other note says it was made by Enerdhil, another craftsman from Gondolin.

F.A.510. Celebrimbor was one of the survivors of Gondolin where he had been one of Turgon's greatest artificers.

S.A.750 - 1500. In the Second Age he became the Lord of Eregion's Elvensmiths in the city " Ost -in- Edhil". The Elven Smiths welcomed the stranger Annatar and learned much from him, even though Annatar, AKA as Sauron, was distrusted by Gil-Galad, Galadriel and Elrond. Nevertheless Celebrimbor remained pure of heart and just accepted Annatar the way he presented himself. He made the 3 Elven Rings, Narya, Nenya and Vilya, and it was he who did the signs at the Doors of Durin which mirrors only Starlight and Moonlight.

S.A.1600. Celebrimbor revoltet against Sauron, after he perceived that Sauron had made the One Ring and what Sauron's true intentions were. He went to Lothlórien to take councel with Galadriel. Galadriel councelled him to hide the Rings of Pover outside Eregion and never use them. She recieved the White Ring Nenya from Celebrimbor and he followed her councel and entrustet the Blue Vilya and the Red Narya to Gil-Galad and Cirdan in Lindon.

S.A.1697. Celebrimbor was slain by Sauron in the War between Elves and Sauron, With ruin and devastation came the forces and laid Eregion waste. Celebrimbor desperately withstood Sauron himself but at last he was taken and tormented. Sauron wanted to know where the other Rings were. Because Celebrimbor did  not place a lot of value and love for the Nine and Seven Rings, he revealed them quickly. But Sauron could not find out where Celebrimbor had hidden the Three. For these Three Rings of the Elves, Celebrimbor alone had forged without the help of Sauron. He was finally put to death later, after Sauron perceived this and he used Celebrimbor's body as a banner for his armies.

In Short


Date of Birth: Unknown
Race: Elves
Division: Noldor
Family: The House of Fëanor
Name Pronouncation: kele'breembor
Meaning: Silverfist
Title: Lord of Eregion